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Our Approach

Our Vision

Supporting, developing and enhancing children’s emotional and psychological wellbeing. 

We achieve this by delivering high quality therapeutic and clinical services and training for professionals, parents and young people.


As a leading UK provider of psychological therapy services, we work both privately and with the NHS/LA’s to help people experiencing mental health difficulties to get better. 

Building upon our existing specialism in the children’s, adolescents and young people’s sector market, bMindful offer targeted services for individuals and organisations where our priority is to support children and young people to improve their mental health and psychological wellbeing.

Specialist Services for Young People

Our organisation was born out of the belief that children and young people, particularly those who have been placed in care, need more than containment and behaviour management, and that in isolation, a one-to-one session with a clinical team member will not fully support the young person.


We developed a range of services to support children and young people, their families, carers, and teachers. Through a model of assessment, consultation, training, and appropriate therapeutic support (delivered at the right time, with the right approach) we can support the achievement of better outcomes and recovery, preparing children and young people for what their future may hold and helping them to thrive.


We firmly believe that true therapeutic care needs to be demonstrated every day, by every individual involved in the lives of the young people. The services we provide assist those key individuals to recognise and understand how early trauma can have a lasting impact on the young person’s psychological, emotional, and relational well-being, and how best to support them moving forward. We take time to focus on those key individuals who support the young person, what shapes their own beliefs, principles and how they respond to the young person, giving them space to reflect and offer support to learn methods of self-regulation and resilience.


Our teams work across a range of environments from children’s homes, fostering families, adoptive families, schools and on a private therapy basis. As such we work closely with multi-disciplinary teams from Local Authority commissioners, social workers, safeguarding teams through to CAMHS, schools, foster carers, residential care providers and of course parents and families. Consequently, our clinicians excel in building strong working relationships focussing on the individual needs of each child and championing support and approaches based on their professional expertise. 


We’re often asked ‘what can we do to support the young person?’ and our Clinicians’ favourite response is “it depends”…. on the young person, their environment, their experiences and what’s right for them at that particular time. Why not speak to our team to find out more about how we can support you.

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