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Education and Learning

Supporting recovery and interventions in education and learning environments

bMindful Psychology provide high quality therapeutic services and training for schools and education provisions directly to teachers, pastoral leads, parents, carers, children and young people.

We are a specialist psychology service with particular expertise in working with children and young people who have experienced trauma, have neuro-developmental challenges and those involved in the social care services.

Our Specialist Educational Services

Supporting and implementing strategies and interventions to lower barriers to learning is critical to children and young people’s success in education. We offer a comprehensive educational psychology service that caters to the needs of the individual and the team around them.

Our services include:

  • Consultation with teachers, pastoral care, families and carers

  • A range of psychological assessments, including base line literacy and numeracy assessment

  • Full psychological formulation

  • Developing sensory profiles and programmes

  • One to one work with children and young people

  • Access to clinical and forensic psychology, psychotherapy and a range of creative therapies such as art, dance and movement

  • Supporting multidisciplinary team activities

  • Crisis prevention and response

  • Post-incident review and intervention

  • Support struggling and diverse learners

  • Developing safe and supportive learning environments

  • A range of bespoke training programmes designed for teachers, pastoral care, support assistants, parents/carers and peer mentors

  • Access to our Keyworker Intervention Toolkit for Therapeutic Care (KIT) – our three phase programme Keyworker Intervention Tools for Therapeutic Care (KIT) has been developed by bMindful Psychology in order to provide residential services, foster carers and schools with a comprehensive resource to support the therapeutic work conducted with the young people in their care.

  • Adhoc support and guidance


Our services and teams are structured to readily adapt to the changing needs of children, young people and the people around them. Our team will support educators, carers and parents understand how childhood trauma and the impact of children’s and young people’s mental health and wellbeing effects their experiences in school and engaging in education.

Case Study – development of training programmes and resources to support mental health awareness across the School community.

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