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Private Therapy

Our priority is to help children and young people to improve their emotional and psychological well-being and our blended approach to delivery means we can support your child and you, through a variety of supportive services from formal assessments through to one to one therapy and support for families and carers.

We offer a friendly and confidential space for children and young people to explore their feelings with a trusted adult, with immediate access to a range of therapies to support a wide variety of mental health conditions, communication styles and challenges. Our team offer a range of approaches including:

  • person-centred talking therapies

  • cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)

  • art, dance and movement therapies

  • occupational therapy

  • speech and language therapy

  • eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)


Our clinicians will support you in discussing which approach will be best suited for your child.


Our services are:

  • readily available, with initial telephone consultation being held within 5 working days

  • tailored to the need of your child and you, considering the best approach to be taken

  • delivered in our therapy suite based in Cheadle or online

  • delivered by a team of fully qualified and trained professionals who have substantial experience, appropriate qualifications and the right patience, warmth and energy to work with children and young people


We offer comfortable surroundings in which to focus on the individual needs of those seeking our help. From children and young people, through to parents, family members and carers, our team provide access to timely support, uniquely designed for your child and the community around your child.

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Specialist Therapy Services

When should I seek help?


It is often difficult to decide whether to seek help or to try and handle things on your own when you feel that your child may need help with their mental health or emotional well-being.


There may be a specific concern that you have such as anxiety, depression, anger, self-harming behaviour, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts etc or a specific neurological condition (ADHD, autism etc), or you may simply see that your child is:

  • withdrawing from friends and family

  • experiencing extreme mood swings

  • worrying more than normal

  • having thoughts and feelings that are difficult to cope with


Even if you’re not sure if there is a specific mental health concern, seeking help and asking questions is the first step.

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