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Fostering Families

We firmly believe that true therapeutic care needs to be demonstrated every day, by every individual involved in the lives of the young people. The services we provide assist foster carers and supervising social workers to recognise and understand how early trauma has had a lasting impact on the child’s psychological, emotional and relational well-being, and how best to support them moving forward.

We take time to focus on the foster carers themselves and what shapes their own beliefs, principles and how they respond to the child, giving them space to reflect and offer support to learn methods of self regulation, resilience, intervention and strategies to effectively support the child.


With significant expertise supporting looked after children, we have developed a range of services (delivered at the right time, with the right approach) to support the child and the fostering family around them.


We offer a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Regular participation in consultation meetings with Foster Carers/Families and Supervising Social Workers – an opportunity to discuss the needs of the child, reflect on activities and incidents, practices and approaches that have worked well and those that need to be adapted

  • Support and attendance at joint meetings/reviews/professionals meetings etc.

  • Development and delivery of an extensive range of training programmes

  • A range of assessments including Trauma Symptoms Checklist (TSCC); Resiliency Scales (RSCA), Adverse Childhood Experiences; Assessment Checklist for Adolescents (ACA or ACC); Intelligence Scales (WISC), Sensory Assessment, regular Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire etc followed by the production of a detailed Psychological Formulation to provide an informed foundation and picture of the child

  • Reviews and strategy discussions regarding complex placements or incident review

  • One to one therapy as required accessing a range of modalities from CBT, DDP, Person Centred approach to Art and Creative Psychotherapies

  • One to one support for foster carers/families

  • Group/family therapy

  • Specific assessment and support around neurodiverse presentations such as autistic spectrum conditions

  • Qualified AIM3 support, assessment and intervention for fostering families specialising in the care of young people with harmful sexual behaviours

  • Access to our Keyworker Intervention Toolkit for Therapeutic Care (KIT) – our three phase programme Keyworker Intervention Tools for Therapeutic Care (KIT) has been developed by bMindful Psychology in order to provide residential services, foster carers and schools with a comprehensive resource to support the therapeutic work conducted with the young people in their care.


We have a flexible structure to offer bespoke services attuned to the needs of the children and their foster families, supporting the family to deliver high quality therapeutic care.

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