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Autism Support Services

Post Diagnostic Support 

Support after your child’s autism diagnosis can indeed feel overwhelming, but it’s crucial for both you and your child to navigate this journey smoothly. 

In addition to providing access to autism assessment and diagnosis bMindful Psychology can support you and your child with a therapeutic approach to maximise their full potential. 

Virtual Post Diagnostic Workshops for Parents/Carers, covering:

Session 1: Introduction to autism and neurodiversity 

Session 2: Understanding and supporting your child’s social and communication development and relationships. 

Session 3: Reducing anxiety and understanding the role of repetitive behaviours, routines and intense interests to your child and the sensory differences they may experience. 

Session 4: Managing difficult behaviours, ‘demand avoidance’ and supporting your child’s emotional wellbeing. 

Virtual Parent/Carer Group Sessions

Join us for 6 small group online sessions, offering a space for parents/carers to share experiences and to talk to bMindful psychologists and psychotherapists about their child’s needs. These sessions will explore a range of autism related issues and are open to the parents/carers of children who have an autism diagnosis and those who are awaiting an assessment for autism. 

Specialist Therapy

At bMindful Psychology we have AutPlay therapists: 

AutPlay Therapy is a specialist therapy for children with Autism, using on a play-based and neurodivergent affirming approach to support the mental health needs of autistic children. 

Parent, Carer and Family therapy: 

We offer specialised counselling for parents, carers, and families affected by autism. We provide immediate access to a range of therapies tailored to support your needs and addresses the unique challenges associated with autism.

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